Cray-cray USA

The showdown

With newfound courage and will to fight, the group ascends from Darmstadt in their slightly stolen tank, pic related.


All except Aimi, who drives a Vespa behind.

After driving for a little while, they encounter a samurai fending off a small group of zombies. They stop to help, and proceed to pick the samurai girl, named Ayame, up.


Shortly thereafter, they encounter an enemy light tank shooting at them from the far end of the road. Callum drives off the road into the bush to get a better ground while Flip pound away the shells towards the enemy, and Aimi does an awful lot of very helpful shouting. Thanks to some…ehm…expert maneuvering, the enemy drives itself onto a tree, and due to their turretless design becomes an easy target for Flip’s cannon.

Just south of the little town of Weinheim, the group encounter a wall of roadblocks, which, of course, are not very hard to pass for a tank, even with tracks off. However, it’s slightly harder whe shot at by russian artillery. Speaking from experience.

The russian tank does take a hit, though, and proceeds to stop firing at them.

As the group passes a second wall of roadblocks, though, two battle tanks show up, They land some heavy hit on the group’s machine, and the group proceeds to evacuate the tank just in time before it explodes in a raging inferno. As they make their way towards the woods by th far end of the road, they see the two enemy tanks pulling back into hiding, seemingly with a smug face of success on.


However, the group is not dead, and as they discuss what to do next, yet another tank shows up, slightly more modern than what’s been present so far. It’s Nata, Ivan and Arsenei.

The Kireyevski tank drives up to the group, and they are awarded a single-shot RPG for their continuing journey as Nata and the others take on the remaining Panzers. As they’re leaving, the russian artillery tank shows up again, but through a series of very bad and surprisingly good and unexpected rolls, Casper trips over while firing the RPG, landing a perfect hit on the ancient piece of russian machinery, basically blowing the turrent off the hull. Right after, the two other Panzers show up from hiding, unleashing their cannons on Nata’s tank, doing no damage at all. Arsenei then fires his cannon twice, resulting in two completely devastated tanks. Thanks again, sixty years of research and development.

While Kireyevski chases after the loud boom that’s been sitting in the background for a while, the group moves on, encountering a pickup with minions of Frankfurt that they proceed to take on. Some grenades are thrown, some bullets are fired, and again thanks to some bad rolls Flip manages to wound both Casper and Aimi. Callum tends to the wounds, kissing them to make the pain go away, and all is well.

All might not be well, though. Behind them, a huge pillar of black smoke is rising for the sky, coming from the direction of Heidelberg. Since this is a slightly intriguing sight, the group decides to go assert the damage. The Kireyevski tank with Nata, Ivan and Arsenei follows, since what they found making noise in the background was a Karl Gerät, the largest piece of land-crawling artillery ever made by the germans besides the railway gun. Bad omens indeed, but just how bad they are, we’ll see next time…


togald togald

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