Richard Boxton

Old but experimental


A 52-year-old ex-military man who just looks for something fun and or interesting to do in the apocalypse.


Born in the village of Ravenscar on the northern Yorkshire coast he spent most of his early life working on his parents’ farm. by the age of 28, he decided he wanted to see more of the world joining the military. After his army training was completed in 1988 he was deployed to Cyprus where he worked on and of up until 2004 when he decided that he’d take out an early pension. This decision was triggered by something that he keeps secret and might never tell anyone. ยด

With the rest of his family gone and no contacts left from either the military or the life, he had before. He settled down in Yorkshire for a few years where he picked up his drinking trying to forget what happened in Cyprus.

With His drunkenness came anger and he more and more often got himself into bar fights.
After a while, he had built up a reputation for himself and some even called him the hulk of York.

Realizing his problems with the constant drinking and fighting getting to him and taking its toll on his old body he decided to leave York behind and go somewhere else in the world.

He ended up Buying himself a little cabin just south of Frankfurt which is where we find he as the apocalypse breaks out.

Richard Boxton

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