Cray-cray USA

The showdown

With newfound courage and will to fight, the group ascends from Darmstadt in their slightly stolen tank, pic related.


All except Aimi, who drives a Vespa behind.

After driving for a little while, they encounter a samurai fending off a small group of zombies. They stop to help, and proceed to pick the samurai girl, named Ayame, up.


Shortly thereafter, they encounter an enemy light tank shooting at them from the far end of the road. Callum drives off the road into the bush to get a better ground while Flip pound away the shells towards the enemy, and Aimi does an awful lot of very helpful shouting. Thanks to some…ehm…expert maneuvering, the enemy drives itself onto a tree, and due to their turretless design becomes an easy target for Flip’s cannon.

Just south of the little town of Weinheim, the group encounter a wall of roadblocks, which, of course, are not very hard to pass for a tank, even with tracks off. However, it’s slightly harder whe shot at by russian artillery. Speaking from experience.

The russian tank does take a hit, though, and proceeds to stop firing at them.

As the group passes a second wall of roadblocks, though, two battle tanks show up, They land some heavy hit on the group’s machine, and the group proceeds to evacuate the tank just in time before it explodes in a raging inferno. As they make their way towards the woods by th far end of the road, they see the two enemy tanks pulling back into hiding, seemingly with a smug face of success on.


However, the group is not dead, and as they discuss what to do next, yet another tank shows up, slightly more modern than what’s been present so far. It’s Nata, Ivan and Arsenei.

The Kireyevski tank drives up to the group, and they are awarded a single-shot RPG for their continuing journey as Nata and the others take on the remaining Panzers. As they’re leaving, the russian artillery tank shows up again, but through a series of very bad and surprisingly good and unexpected rolls, Casper trips over while firing the RPG, landing a perfect hit on the ancient piece of russian machinery, basically blowing the turrent off the hull. Right after, the two other Panzers show up from hiding, unleashing their cannons on Nata’s tank, doing no damage at all. Arsenei then fires his cannon twice, resulting in two completely devastated tanks. Thanks again, sixty years of research and development.

While Kireyevski chases after the loud boom that’s been sitting in the background for a while, the group moves on, encountering a pickup with minions of Frankfurt that they proceed to take on. Some grenades are thrown, some bullets are fired, and again thanks to some bad rolls Flip manages to wound both Casper and Aimi. Callum tends to the wounds, kissing them to make the pain go away, and all is well.

All might not be well, though. Behind them, a huge pillar of black smoke is rising for the sky, coming from the direction of Heidelberg. Since this is a slightly intriguing sight, the group decides to go assert the damage. The Kireyevski tank with Nata, Ivan and Arsenei follows, since what they found making noise in the background was a Karl Gerät, the largest piece of land-crawling artillery ever made by the germans besides the railway gun. Bad omens indeed, but just how bad they are, we’ll see next time…

Frankfurt Aftermath

Gruppen kommer tillbaka till Kireyevski, städar upp lite, hittar Linda, Nyarai, Johannes, Johanna döda.

Little Linda
Little linda’s mom
Michael (amputerad hö arm)
Shotgun (slightly hurt hearing)
Jonas (amputerat hö ben)
Unnamed guy on morphine, Frankfurt guy


Panzer 8 jagar gruppen lite, leker katt och råtta med Aimi och Nata lite grann. Casper springer mot vagnen med granater och blir splattad med dess kulsprutor.

Gruppen samlar sig, gatherar ihop resurser och folk. Richard (Tom) dyker upp, brittisk ex-soldat.

Cue en av oljecisternerna brister och läcker ut olja på ammunitionslagret. Gruppen samlar det de har, och beger sig mot Aimi’s fancy camp med en Avtoros Shaman och en light tank.

Arsenei gör ett sammandrag över den politiska situationen på kvällen. Aimi dricker whisky-vodka-grogg. Nata försvinner ut strax innan light tanken dyker upp.

Speech and Decisions

The group wakes to a morning of bitter melancholy, empty bottles of liquor, and for some a little bit of a hangover. Fire arrows are used, and Nata brings the newcomers up to speed about what has happened with Frankfurt. The group pays a visit to Darmstadt, retrieves the heavy tank from the burnt out Kireyevski factory, and goes to Frankfurt to talk to the peeps. Nata holds the speech, Arnold gives replies, the group proceeds to try and argue with him. It doesn’t go very well, even though they make some really strong points and most definitely manage to stir some chaos.

As the group leaves with mixed feelings about their accomplishments, they decide to set up camp nearby to watch the things unfold. While Nata, Flip and the rest of the militaries deal with that, the PCs pay Cyber a visit.

Cyber is happy to see them, so is Grandma, and even though the supply of cookies is low, they get tea and scones. Cyber also borrows them a drone, fixes glasses to Ayame’s helmet so she doesn’t have to be virtually blind while wearing it, and print them some flyers with photos of the Frankfurt horde. They head back, and fly the drone over the airport to drop some flyers, ensuring the stirring of the pot. The group goes to bed. To be continued…

Kidnapping fails SO hard!

As Nata, Arsenei, Ivan and Flip follow a pair of heavily armed pickups to find out what kind of shit they’re up to, the group decides to loot a convenience store to find some medicine, canned food and spirits. Arriving at the scene they are disappointed to find only Absinthe, but soon get even more disappoint as gas grenades drop in on them. Seeking shelter in a back room, the group tries to fend their way out. Being the only one with a gas mask, Aimi has a slight advantage, but it doesn’t help too much when visibility is limited.

The attack is however not as smooth as the kidnappers expect, both due to Aimi’s gas mask and Richard’s surprising resilience against the gas. However, their number superiority shows to be large enough to matter, and the group is captured, thrown in a van, and driven to Frankfurt. They’re locked in a room, and like any healthy kidnap victims, proceed to trash anyhing not made of concrete they can find. Including soundproofing roof tiles, air vents, camera housings and chairs. aimi climbs out through an air vent, gets spotted, and proceed to do a lot of shit-talking with the slightly un-amused guards. Ayame follows, squeezing through the tight air vent to get out of the room, getting shot to death in the process.

Aimi takes a different approach, demanding to talk to Arnold, and then talking to the guards about the horde. One of them catches on, offering to help them get out. Aimi is in, the rest of the group too. They are escorted to a book store at the airport so they can talk to Arnold as Aimi refuse to do it otherwise, their guard does his thing, killing his captain, and Aimi snatches Arnold. Suddenly, the tides are turned. Aimi uses their newfound leverage to get out, taking Arnold with her, contact Nata and the others, and get transport away from Frankfurt. They go to Heidelberg to bury Ayame, and do so in a samurai-isch manner before offering Arnold to Nata, who might or might not be slightly brutal to him, and he does not leave Heidelberg alive.

Travel time

The group travels to Sweden, pays a visit to Legoland on the way, and ends up facing a swedish camp at Öresundsbron.

Exploring the city of Malmö

The group enters the quite swedish camp at south Malmö city, set in the suburban area of Bunkerflostrand. The camp is guarded by the swedish home guard, the ICA is set up as a local barter center, and there’s a bar driven by Bob, named Bar Bob or Barbapappa. Aimi and Richard immediately go to the bar to get Callum drunk, while Raven the Teen Angst surfs around the barter, gets herself a body armor, and follows the group around while they raid an Elgiganten and stock up on batteries and stuff. Aimi gets a video camera, Callum does drunk things, everyone is happy.

Next day, Callum wakes up spooned by Aimi. Richard wakes up spooning Barbapappa. Aimi <3 Callum becomes a running gag although nothing happened according to them both, but Richard and Barbapappa is a dfferent story. The group proceeds to go scout an apparent horde hanging around the harbor north of the city with Callum, Flip, Raven and Richard in a tank and Aimi on her bike. Aimi finds a herder zombie and proceeds to lure it onto the railroad yard where Flip is able to take it out with the tank cannons, with a little help from Richard, mounting the machine gun. They get to a highway bridge to get a view, spot three more herders, and decide to call in Ivan to snipe them out. He agrees, and the group proceeds to clear the area around Saint Petri’s Church to provide a good sniping position.

End of session.

Exploding a church and exploring a harbor

Revealing the group from last time’s cliffhanger, they approach S:t Peter’s church, Aimi on her bike, the rest in a tank. Aimi spots something moving up top, tries to climb the wall of the church, and when that fails proceeds to throw rocks at the windows. Then, the tank is hit by an RPG, Callum freaks out a lil’ and stops. When the tank is hit again, Flip mangles down part of the church’s wall with the autocannons, and they proceed to move the tank out of the way while Aimi investigates.

As she does, the rest of the group run into the half-zombie-kid Charlie, a smol but many cwute lil’ creature who eats zombies for a living. Callum decides to adopt the child and bring it on adventures.

Aimi manages to get a peaceful-isch entry after a pretty decent amount of shooting, takes a man names Sven hostage, and convince the church people to go away, after gracing Sven with a bullet and giving him morphine. They call Ivan in and he takes out the herders from the church tower, dispersing the horde they’ve been collecting. The group retreats to camp to find a house and take care of Charlie. Not because he/she/it needs it, but because Callum needs to do it. Aimi unravels her dreads for most of the night, Richard go get himself some Barbapappa-action.

The next day, the group responds to an SOS EPRIB signal, and find three people in an ICA east of Malmö, one with a broken femur. Callum sets the break, then a pickup of church people arrive, and Aimi convince them to take care of the men at the ICA. Callum refuses to give up the man with a broken bone though.

As the day is still young, the group proceeds to lead the retrieval of stuffz from the now mostly emptied harbor area, mostly cisterned fuel and containers of stuff. Aimi goes in advance to kill some zombies as the rest prep the caravan of trucks. Åke comes with them.

As they search the containers in the cargo yard, the group comes across a container that contains soon-to-be expired zombie vaccine/serum, a few containers of medical stuffz, and two containers which appear to contain russian portable backup experiment labs. The containers basically mirror each other, except one of them has a dead Jeeves-like creature in it. They recover two laptops and one external hard drive from each of the labs, both sets of stuff identical, and some documentation written in russian that Nata and Callum make a combined effort to make sense of. The group retreats for the night, and while Nata and Callum continue their efforts and Ivan tries to get the laptops connected to Tarion, the others go to either peaceful sleep or spirit-drinking activities.

The ounderground facility at Kalk AB
There's a lab under Malmö that nobody knows about

After a slow, comfortable morning routine at Barbapappa’s, the group splits into teams to see if they find any interesting shit in the close vicinity of the camp. Aimi and Charlie hit the highway slaughtering some zombies, Richard and Callum go on a trip to find a basement where they can store some extra zombies for Charlie to eat, and Raven go on a looting spree across the nearby houses.

While digging through the houses, Raven finds herself with three elephant rifles, a fancy shotgun and a few boxes of ammunition in .458 Win mag. She also finds a key, most probably for a vehicle, that she decides to bring, and a pilot or captain’s hat that she decides not to bring. There’s a Porsche key too, most likely for the Porsche standing outside. She decides to go back with her loot, however.

Callum and Richard run into a warehouse they deem good enough to store zombies. Upon opening it they find 30-something living dead, and decide to assemble the group and kill them off. The group assembles, opens up the doors and begin splashing living dead. Upon completion of the kills, they explore the warehouse.

As they do, they run into a stairwell that takes them deep underground, into what’s most definitely a bunker of sorts. Forcing their way in, they discover a huge room, a container of the same type that they found several of at the docks, a backup power plant and a lab. Behind a semi-enclosed door they find a small living complex, probably still in construction. There’s a decontamination area close to a kitchen, several rooms with beds and a common area with a TV, as well as a separate room with purpose unknown. At a small sub-level near the escape stairs, a secondary power generator is found, as well as some bilges and water pumps. The escape stairs open up at a manhole just by the side of the main building.

There’s also a panic button that closes off the main hall, lab and first level of power generation from the rest by shutting hermetically sealed doors on both exits. All in all, a panic lab with a second thought, but still in construction.

In a freeze room in the back of the lab, they find another Jeeves-type creature, frozen solid. Aimi names it Jerome, and brings it with her to thaw in hopes it will be another friend.

They bring Nata and Ivan to the scene, and get info about the partially translated documents from the other containers. It’s basically copies of the same documentation in all of them, and it seems like it all originated from the town of Manily, only it left the town a few days after Nata and Ivan basically leveled the town underground. Nata suspects there might be a submarine bunker or some similar facility that needs to be checked out if they wanna know more about the plague. The computers however might be able to tell them more, but they’re encrypted and Tarion might be needed to open them up.

Nata also tells the group the key Raven found is probably for a helicopter, and the group decides to go back to the harbor to see if they can find it. There’s a helo pad, and a skycrane-type helicopter holding an open container. Quick research shows this is the container Charlie came from. Aimi checks the key, and it fits. She immediately take the helicopter for a spin, using the height to her advantage as she calls out on any feasible radio channel that might be heard in the neighbourhood. She then drops down again, like a nice girl. The helicopter is at around 75% fuel level.

With a sense of accomplishment, the group retires back to camp, still not knowing what they should do next with their newfound clues and inventories.

Airport check-out and night time drunkies

After a long night of heavy drinking, Aimi wakes up, in like the best mood EVER. It’s still dark outside, so she decides to do the only sensible thing: adventures. So she wakes up Callum, calls for Richard, and do what most drunk people do every day: goes on a quick bike ride to fetch a helicopter. The night/morning does not end in disaster though, and Richard and Callum manage to get Aimi back to the camp in one piece.

The second wake-up call is from Flip, to assemble the group and review their situation. Four options are presented:

  • Stay in camp, help Åke out
  • Go north, to the Umeå safe house
  • Go west, to the US to fetch Tarion
  • Go east, trace down Manily

The group decides to at least go on a quest to find an airplane and a pilot, as both US and Manily might require them. As a first step, Aimi flies the newfound helicopter to Ronneby airport. They find a plane, twin-engine turboprop small aircraft, and an abandoned airport filled with dead and bodies. On the way home, they make contact with the swedish Gotland-class submarine HMU Gotland, which says it’ll be coming to pay Malmö a visit. The group flies home to report, and make up new plans…

Submarine says hello [Discord]

Aimi wakes up, brings Charlie to go feeding. Charlie is happy. They find a zombie, and Charlie plays with it a little, ripping an arm off, just being playful with its prey. As Aimi updates the camp over radio, a funny misunderstanding surfaces, and Callum thinks the camp is being overrun by zombies. He tells Raven, who arms up being the cool kid… ahem… YOUNG ADULT she is. And they move out, without the radio. Aimi gets Richard to try and stop them, but it’s not very successful. So Richard goes to have breakfast with Barbapappa, which is a sensible response.

Callum and Raven have an epic standoff with one zombie at the gate, after which the situation gets under control and the group assemble. They head for the harbor, meeting up with Flip and Arsenei who are standing guard with the light tank, awaiting the submarine. To get time going, Aimi, Richard and Charlie scan the surrounding and come across a car importer. They find the keys for all cars, and proceed to scan the gigantic parking lot for working keys. Aimi gets herself a Porsche, Richard gets himself a blue Hummer H1.

The submarine surfaces, and the landing crew emerge. The submarine’s captain comes out, presents himself as Captain Magnusson. They drive him back to camp with a small escort team.

They exchange status updates with Cpt Magnusson, tell him about Frankfurt, and he tells them there was a healthy camp north of Stockholm that they visited about one and a half months ago that might have a pilot. The group decides to take the gamble and split in two, with Aimi, Richard, Callum, Charlie and possibly Raven going for Stockholm by helicopter, while Nata, Ivan, Flip and Arsenei take the slower land route. The helicopter is expected to reach Stockholm 2-3 days before the tank crew.


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