Natashtja Kireyevski


Age: 24
Face: Thin lips, neutral, sharp eyes.
Hair: Dark-brown, braided or ponytail.
Eyes: Green.
Build: Slim, muscular.
Height: 170 cm
Weapons: Small rifles, preference towards subsonic munition. Pistols, knives.


Born outside a small village north of Murmansk, moved to S:t Petersburg by the age of sixteen. Joined the army one year later, became a Spetsnaz. Dancer and violinist since young, still active. Met Ivan Kireyevski in S:t Petersburg, get married, flee to the west, etcetera.

Founded Kireyevski Defense, took part in the third world war, stranded in Texas when the world succumbed to the undead.

Natashtja Kireyevski

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