Cray-cray USA

Speech and Decisions

The group wakes to a morning of bitter melancholy, empty bottles of liquor, and for some a little bit of a hangover. Fire arrows are used, and Nata brings the newcomers up to speed about what has happened with Frankfurt. The group pays a visit to Darmstadt, retrieves the heavy tank from the burnt out Kireyevski factory, and goes to Frankfurt to talk to the peeps. Nata holds the speech, Arnold gives replies, the group proceeds to try and argue with him. It doesn’t go very well, even though they make some really strong points and most definitely manage to stir some chaos.

As the group leaves with mixed feelings about their accomplishments, they decide to set up camp nearby to watch the things unfold. While Nata, Flip and the rest of the militaries deal with that, the PCs pay Cyber a visit.

Cyber is happy to see them, so is Grandma, and even though the supply of cookies is low, they get tea and scones. Cyber also borrows them a drone, fixes glasses to Ayame’s helmet so she doesn’t have to be virtually blind while wearing it, and print them some flyers with photos of the Frankfurt horde. They head back, and fly the drone over the airport to drop some flyers, ensuring the stirring of the pot. The group goes to bed. To be continued…


togald togald

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