Cray-cray USA

Gotta git that Aimi back

After the dramatic events at the mall parking lot, the group gathers up in the ashes of the fukshituppery. Nata and Flip bring the still burning tank out of the smoke, and the group gather and go home to the airport.

They regroup, talk to Ellison. He realizes he pretty much have to trust them at this point, and tells them there was a light mutiny from his XO, Cpt. Donovan. Donovan snagged a ground team, snatched Ellison, and left him for dead in the mall right before Aimi appeared. He has an idea about where Donovan took Aimi, so the group moves for that location, letting Ellison contact the ship on the way to hear about Donovan. They haven’t heard from him.

The group moves out to scout, leaving Nata, Aimi and Ellison in the tank as backup, and scouts the location, a logistics keypoint at Moonshine Hill with a warehouse and a community building of sorts.

They spot the helicopter, a Hummvee and two soldiers outside, and another one in front of the smaller house. Charlie spots Aimi through an open door and just sprints for her, with Richard following close after. Callum has doubts, but then decides to shoot the lone guy in the leg. So he does, then immediately gets his vice on saving people as four other dudes rush out the front door of the house. Lilith shoots one of them dead in the chest with her magnum, then hides as two of them head out to find her. The other two capture Callum, of course, and head for the larger warehouse with the shot one, who surived thanks to his armor, and just happen to be Donovan.

In the warehouse, Charlie is clinging to Aimi trying to gnaw her chains off. As Richard lowers the winches, the two soldiers from before appear, and Charlie bolts at them. They fire at Charlie, but miss, so Charlie gets up top of them and starts attacking furiously, ripping a dude’s arms off while Richard shoots the other’s head off with Aimi’s shotgun.

As Aimi frees herself, the other ones appear by the other door at the far end of the warehouse, bringing the gagged Callum with them. There’s a stand-off where Aimi offers to fight Donovan one on one like a man, but doesn’t, and instead brings Charlie over and has them attacking him while she walks around and takes care of the others with some scary talking.

As the situation resolves, they gather up, offering the remaining not very many soldiers to go free. They snag some ammo and rifles from them though, and bring them back home to the airport to patch them up a little. They also free Callum, eventually.

Time to play
Charlie gets a fwiend and then things head south quickly

On the way home from the Flagston Hill Farm, Aimi finds Charlie on the road, carrying their parasol, going about their business. Aimi has Callum pick Charlie up and bring them with him back to the airport.

Only a few miles down the road, Aimi runs into another child. This one is not charlie, but a small girl named Lillith. She was out and about with her sister when they apparently got separated, and she’s now roaming alone. Callum decides they should bring Lillith with them, but she’s scared when she meets Charlie and runs into a field. Callum follows and successfully calms her down so they can bring her back to the airport. Although Charlie gets to go with Aimi, since Lillith is afraid of them.

While Raven and Richard go for more driving practice, and Callum and Aimi go about taking care of Aimi’s scratches since almost driving over Charlie, Lillith and Charlie get a little bit of bonding time. They spend some time jumping down the airport building holding on to the parasol, basically having the time of their life.

Aimi also bribes Lillith into calling Callum Mr. Mom, which is hilarious.

However, since Aimi isn’t as easily amused as the children, she goes back to the big mall. She finds the zombie yard empty, with a few of the windows into the mall broken. She climbs inside on a ladder, going for the second floor where there are way less zombies.

Inside, she finds a man, shot and left in the middle of the mall with zombies closing in. She whips out her newfound climbing attire and gets down to snag him, throwing a few smoke grenades out to hold off the zombies for a little while. She also calls for backup, and Raven and Richard move out.

She discovers the man to be Cpt. Ellison, and he also recognizes her as the crazy lady/Honey, but also tells her they should get their asses the fuck outta there since the guys who left him are still in the mall. Aimi calls it in on the radio, and the cavalry is mobilized.

She doesn’t get much further than out the window she came until they are run up,Miniventures and she is tasered, while Raven and Richard get fired at by the rest. They fire back and manage to clear some ground before Callum, Charlie and Lillith can get there (and the tank), and they secure Cpt. Ellison. They don’t manage to stop the snatching of Aimi though, so Richard runs after her captors with zero regard for his own life. He picks up her Kireyevski rifle on the way for better range. Callum +2 arrives, Charlie and Lillith run after Richard while Raven and Callum grab Ellison so Callum can take care of his injury, and Raven floors it to cut off the ’napping group with her car.

The hunt is on, and it’s intense. Richard, Charlie and Lillith follow the ’nappers to the other side and onto the parking lot before the tank arrives and cut them off with a hailstorm of autocannon fire, and with reinforcements the group moves in for a kill.

Then, a helicopter appears, smacking the tank with dual Hellfire missiles and then unleashing chaos with its miniguns on the parking lot. In the confusion that follows, and with the tank immobilized, the group still tries to catch the ‘nappers. Richard shoots a few of them, Charlie rips the throat apart of one, but the others manage to get away with Aimi and escape with a hidden vehicle, despite Jeeves’ nose following them and Raven scoring a headshot on one of the helicopter pilots.

And that is where the group is now left at.

The chase is very intense,

Got milk?
Miniventures at tha farm

Since Richard is busy giving Raven driving lessons, and Charlie is nowhere to be found, Aimi and Callum decide peacefully and without argument to go on a little scavenging trip and possibly look for an active farm, since Nata is worried about the food supply.

They find a rather large shopping center with a few zombies trapped in a little neat yard in the back that looks like a construction site, scavenge it, and Aimi stocks up on a little bit of climbing gear. Then, they stumble upon a smaller one with a liquor store close by, and Aimi raids that one while she’s sent Callum into a drug store/apothecary to find medicine and similar things.

Then, they head to look for a farm. They stumble upon a road with a sign for one, and are greeted by two small, adorable little children. They meet their parents, Samuel and Madelene Flagston, who’ve supposedly been running the farm with their twelve children since the outbreak. The farm next door is also active, according to the Flagston’s. Aimi and Callum trade some ammunition for a little bit of grains, eggs and milk, and call on Nata and Arsenei to come with some .308 ammunition for the farm peeps.


Character development (tm)
Raven learns to function in a group

Aimi wakes up, high as BALLS on drug lollipops she stole from Nata the evening before. She wakes Richard, and goes for adventures with him following. Aimi tilts mildly, shoots soap bubbles with her shotgun and scares Richard off, proceeding to roam around the residential area where the bug dragons used to be. Also, Raven gits a black cat, and names it Misery.

She calms down a lil, and Ivan tells the group (Aimi, Richard, Raven) that he wants to scale up Dr. Stox fuel-synthesizing thing to make fuel for tanks and cars. So they pack up, and move out to find a suitable looting ground.

They score a Walmart superstore, and go mess with a robot lawn mower before loading up on chainsaws and stuff. Then, Aimi scouts up a car dealership and goes there to fetch herself a Jeep. Raven fetches a black Dodge RAM (the angstomobile), and Richard grabs a welder, sheet metal and other supplies. They go back, Raven showing off her not so amazing driving skills.

When they get home, Richard starts turning his Hummer into a tank, while Aimi galaxy-paints her Jeep. Raven rigs her tent on the flatbed of her car, and Ivan comes telling her she should probably let him look it over since it’s probably using a lot more fuel than it should. Raven refuses, so Aimi takes back the fuel she’s given Raven to get the car home, emptying her fuel tank.

While Aimi helps Ivan get the fuel-making-plant from a MAC tanker Nata fetched, Raven goes to find fuel for her truck. She finds a Toyota dealer and a huge parking lot, and starts siphoning fuel. She mixes diesel and gasoline, and starts carrying fuel back in two 20 L-cans. It’s heavy. AF.

She gets back, spilling some fuel out as she fills up her car. Nobody cares, because empathy rolls, but when the smell of gasoline reaches them they at least call out the dangers of putting gas in a diesel car, so they forcefully help her out, gives her a crash course in car maintenance, and Richard offers to give her driving lessons.

Guest starring: Dr. Stox
aka how to make fuel

Charlie wakes up at a waterpark a few kilometers out of the airport. They grab a parasol they’ve had beside them, and goes back towards the airport. Along the way, they run into a human on the railroad tracks right beside the highway, and make friends. The new person is Dr. Stox, a chemist.

They arrive back at camp, and Dr Stox says hello to the rest of the team. There’s tea, then there’s adventures, and the group moves to Sam’s to get some questions answered. Sam is kinda intrigued about Charlie though, and tell the group about the project a little. He tells them there are four facilities that he knows about, Manily, Sevoromorsk, Johannesburg, and one he does not know about.

Dr Stox co-operates with Phil in making some Fischer-tropsch-fuel from grass as a proof of concept, it is successful, and they decide to upscale to make more fuel.

Aimi is bored at the surface, but sees a helicopter and decides to follow it. It circles the airport, then comes back towards NASA, lands, and ALPHA MALE appears. Aimi whips out Honey, and the group proceeds to help them “scout the area”, aka not showing them Phil’s and Sam’s place. Honey (Aimi) does the flirts with ALPHA MALE, and drops that her and Callum have an open marriage. Then, the group returns to camp.

Sam gets a colleague
Also bug dragons

Aimi and Callum return with Phil, filling the rest of the group in on what has been going on. They decide to help get Phil back to the NASA facility so he can meet with Sam and the others, so they load up, and do. Sam lets them in and leads them to the archive room, which requires Phil’s key cards to open. He gives them a hard drive and a file with some extra info about the other research facilities spread around the globe.

The group heads back, and stumble in on the americans about to bring back their tanks to the ship. Tarion approaches them, and asks them to help move the Kireyevski tank off to make contact with a satellite, without telling Nata about it. They agree, albeit a little suspicious, and drive off a bit northeast. They set up a large antenna and call up the satellite. Tarion gets a video feed, and shows the group what used to be Kennedy Space Center.

However, the video shows only what looks like desert. Earth, basically. As it progresses, the satellite shows some burned out buildings, then just ocean. As Tarion switches through the different imaging options on the satellite, it seems as if the Kennedy Space center has been nuked.

They pack up and head back, greeted by the americans. Nata figures out what they’ve been up to pretty quickly, because apparently the USS Abraham Lincoln picked up the satellite signal, and their captain asked about it. As they tell her about the nuked Kennedy Space Center and show her the footage, the tone shifts a little. The group decides they need to tell the americans, and Aimi suggests going as her own self to tell them.

She does, and manages to get the captain even angrier than last time. Angry enough, in fact, to send out a whole bunch of aircraft and even the newly commissioned tanks to look for her. Aimi, however, drops under the radar as she changes her look to Honey, and slips back in. They exchange some words with Cpt Ellison, and Richard unsuccessfully try to convince him the hunt for Aimi is a waste of resources before he takes off.

With a little bit of day left, the group decides to go for a quick perimeter search. As they do, they run into a black thing. Richard whips out his Browning, and they shoot it dead as it leaps towards them. As they examine the woods behind though, they find out it was hurt from before, and Raven spots two pairs of eyes in the forest. Deciding to be cool as balls, she goes for a hunt.

After a very exciting couple runs through the forest into the suburban area behind, they manage to kill the six-legged bug-dragon beast (well Raven does, with a clean headshot from her rifle), and burn what seems to be its nest to the ground. Aimi carves out a canine tooth from it, and Richard takes the head as a trophy.

During that night, Aimi brings one of its young to Sam’s to have it examined, while Richard prepares the cranium and attaches it to the hood of the Hummer. Aimi gets A LOT more info than expected from Sam and Phil. Apparently the bug-dragons are a cross breed, partially derived from Jeeves’ species, but not related to the black things. She also gets told young Jeeveses are usually friendly, but get a little more aggressive towards adolescence. They grow up in five to eight years, and the oldest living specimen is 31 years. She also gets to see some pictures of the different breeds.

She goes back and briefs the group the morning after, and Tarion tells them the Texas safehouse had been overrun by a pack of these things before. Aimi questions why Tarion hasn’t told this earlier, which is a valid concern. They however proceed to find the rest of the pack, and Aimi goes out of cover again to get the USS Abe Lincoln to shoot up the nest. It does, with a Harrier jet and a missile, which seemed a bit overkill.

Inbtween fukshituppery
Feat. Aimi <3 Callum

Callum wakes up early af, decides to make breakfast. Aimi wakes up to her UI saying breakfast is dun, so she goes eat. She then decides to go adventure, and Callum comes with.

They grab a map, and head towards a paint-hobby-store-thingie by foot. On the way, they encounter some house with cars outside. They check the house, nothing special, so they snatch one of the cars (a hatchback) and go follow a helicopter they hear in the distance. It sets down at an intersection, but then leaves and appears over a high school.

Aimi and Callum puts on the lone survival act, and go talk to the pilot and co-pilot (Mike Mitchell and Randall). The pilots tell then they’ve been searching for some kind of camp since yesterday afternoon, prolly the group’s camp. They talk about Aimi on the bike, and Aimi warns them about the cray-cray woman she’ve seen. She aquires buckets of sympathy from them by telling her about her uncle who died to a black thing. He fought in ’nam.

The helicopter guys get incoming radio and have to go, so Aimi and Callum goes for hobby store. The door rings a physical bell when they enter. Inside, Aimi starts fetching art supplies, while Callum goes searching for the weird noise he heard. He finds a zombie trapped between two shelves, and swings at it with his crowbar. It grabs a bucket of paint and shoves it at the back of his head, and he’s now floored in front of the zombie. Aimi sings by and stabby-stabbies it, then goes to help Callum. Aimi also earns a compassion point for this.

They decide to check out the hospital they guess the pilots went to, so they go there. Aimi starts up the backup generators, and Callum starts checking out the journals. Aimi pulls up security footage for him and goes on adventure quest. She encounters a room where there’s a “come in” after she knocks. She opens up, and there’s an old man in there. He presents himself as Phil Rogers, and tells her he worked at NASA.

Meanwhile, Callum sees Phil coming in on the security footage, large radiation-like burns on his limbs. He is curious, and checks the room. Sees Aimi in there and rushes off to save her or sumthin’.

They converse with Phil, and he gives them his key cards from NASA to take care of, and they offer to take him back to the facility to meet with Sam and the others. He accepts, says he misses work.

While Callum takes Phil to the car, Aimi goes to look for moar thingies. And she finds the military group. They’re a group of SKYTTESLUSKAR (trademark), led by their Alpha Male. Aimi whips out her southern accent and charms them up, then negs them a little. She tells them about her uncle and the black things, calls Callum her husband and goes on to tell them the rest of the hospital is empty. The group of SKYTTESLUSKAR (trademark) decide to pull out to their helicopter, and Aimi waves them goodbye and waves her butt goodbye at them too. Then they head back to the airport camp.

Sam the scientist
And how to blue-ball the military

Callum wakes up with an uncanny feeling. He checks for Aimi, and calls her up on the radio since she’s not there. Aimi answers, she’s in a tree, still drunk, and needs help. So Callum assembles an adventure, Tarion triangulates her location, and they move out.

They recover Aimi, and Richard drives her bike back to George Bush airport. Then, USS Abraham Lincoln calls up. Richard answers, pretending to be the Kireyevski strike force, and get told there’s a strike team heading their way. They await the strike team, led by the captain Mr. Pussylips, and agrees to go check out Nasa’s Houston facility with them. The military goes first, with Aimi, Callum, Richard, Peter and Barbapappa joining in with the Hummer (and bike) after. The navy folks are busy with Rocket Park, so the group heads to Mission Control center. They get an uncanny feeling about a smaller cafeteria-like concrete building right by Second St, by the parking lot and right of the main mission control building.

They check it out, and find Biohazard tape in two diagonal stripes across the inner door. They get weary but intrigued, so Aimi walks up and taps the glass. A human sihlouette shows up, walking up to the glass and putting its ear to it. Aimi cracks a hole in it so she can talk to it. It responds, and lets them in.

They walk in, still cautious. The humanoid thing has no eyes, just black holes for them, and speaks in a hoarse, faint, but deep voice. Its name is Sam.

Sam asks if they’re there for the files, Aimi quickly says “yes”, and Sam leads them through a cafeteria with ten or so others, eyeless, just standing around. Sam instructs the group not to talk to them.

He leads them down some stairs, into catacombs, then through a sanitation port. They get into an industrial-like, but clean room, with two containers in it. One is from Generic Medical Company Inc, the other unmarked. Sam shows the first one, which looks like the other containers they’ve seen, but in working condition instead of packed-up condition, and in ENGLISH. Sam pulls out a file, and hands it to the group.

Then, they move to the other container. It’s slightly different, and looks like it’s been ravaged with a baseball bat. Sam moves around and pulls out a file again, handing it to the group. The files describe two different bio-chemical weapons, the first an aggressive psychoactive calming gas-thingie, the other a carrying agent based on the ant-brain-controlling fungi, but it’s basic research, not applied.

Sam then brings them to a hidden control room, giving them a hard drive with recent footage, then providing them with twelve raided drives from a server, with footage that goes back to the seventies, according to Sam. They bring the drives, and Sam show them out. On the way, they get stopped by one of the other fungu-zombies, asking if Sam IDed them. Sam lies, saying he did, and the other one leaves it at that.

They get out, the navy peeps are there. They ask if the group checked the mission control, they say yes, it was empty. The military leaves it at that, and they head back to the airport.

They say goodbye to the military guys, Aimi teasing out some serious blue balls from them, and they proceed to show Tarion the hard drives. She digs into it, and shows them a surveillance thingie showing a research guy dropping a quite large gas container in one of the research containers, shattering it. It’s pressurized, so it sends a shockwave through the container, and covers the whole area in a dimmy gas. The security doors shut, and what they believe to be Sam and another one fight about wether to open them to get out. Sam loses, and the other guy opens the blast doors, and tehy both run out. Then, the footage ends.

Tarion says she needs the storage server to access the other drives, and provides five huge jars of preserved grapes for Sam as a reward. The group agrees they should get back and pick up the server the next day, and also that Nata should stay home to help the military get their tanks (APCs, two lighties and the Abrams). They’re fetching the munitions from them tho, and hiding their own Kireyevski machine from them, just to be on the safe side.

They decide they’re tired, and go to sleep. Aimi’s drunkenness is passing, and the hungover starts to ensue. The end.

The Texas safehouse and USS Abraham Lincoln
aka Aimi goes on a FUK SHIT UP SPREE

The group arrives at the Texas safehouse, finding it pretty much abandoned and out of power. They scour the house, which is empty, and then open up the bunker, finding Tarion inside. There are no traces of the others who used to be at the camp, and the bunker’s pretty much out of power too. Tarion agrees to come with and brings her laptop.

They head back to the airport, to start looking for fuel so they can go back home. They find evidence of a battle going down, with the US air force as the losing side. Richard gets himself a Browning M2 machine gun and mounts it to his Hummer, because LAND OF THE FREE and stuff. However, they also find two trucks, one with a few nuclear (sic!) robots and one with an active radar station and targeting system. They find a second air force settlement, with a full mechanized defense plattoon, four APCs, two light and two (missing) heavy tanks. Aimi recalls seeing one of the tanks as a wreck outside, so they go on a mission to find the second one. They do, it’s out on a landing strip with a pierced side but otherwise functional.

The group decides to check the second airport in Houston, since the first one didn’t have any fuel. They move out, and begin poking around in shit. Aimi finds a crashed plane, digs around in it, and find the black box. She views the security cam footage, showing what looks like a flight stewardess going full zombie in first class moments before the crash. Aimi is intrigued, so she goes to the flight control tower to find out more.

She digs up records while the others gather on her and get the story from the black box. While they do, Callum spots a fuel truck and brings Richard to fill it up with kerosene from the other planes standing around. Peter stays with Aimi for plot reasons, while she grabs info about the flight. She finds a power panel and gets power rolling to the control tower to pull some shit from the computer, and unveils some radio communication between both airports, the air force, and the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. She also discovers the plane was shot down, it didn’t just crash.

Since the fuel truck is full, the group heads back to the George Bush airport to fuel up their plane and deal with stuff there, and Aimi decides to keep pursuing this plane thing, and see if the other control tower has better logs.

Turns out, it does, and it appears there was a fight between the air force at George Bush and the civillian flight control at the other airport regarding if the flight should be stopped. The air force didn’t get their way, and requested the USS Abraham Lincoln to fire on the plane with their cannon. They scored a hit, and that brought the plane down.

Aimi is mad. Really mad. So she grabs the longwave and is about to haul the ship on Navy Red. Nata stops her, telling her to get away from the airport since as soon as she’s transmitting, she’ll be revealing her position, and an aircraft carrier is perfectly capable of killing anything it can talk to. Aimi agrees, grabs the radio, and goes for a bike ride.

She starts transmitting through Navy Red, holding a fiery speak over the radio, outing pretty much anything and everything about the incident. Then, USS Abraham Lincoln replies.

The conversation is fiery, at best, and Aimi convinces the ship to fire into the horde to show they’re capable. The ship does, so Aimi keeps flaming the captain, calling him Mr. Pussylips and demanding an answer to why the plane was shot down. She manages to bring the convo to a halt without getting tomahawked in the face, and the group assemble back at the airport where they pack up their shit and leave while they figure out their next step somewhere away from where Abraham Lincoln might be able to fire at them.

Back to the US
With a bang

The group find themselves aboard a helicopter headed north, and within a moment they reach Arlanda airport. They can clearly see a camp with moving people around there, so they set down at the far side of Terminal 5, and move out to make contact with the camp.

They’re greeted by Erik Hamilton, the local camp leader, and learn Arlanda airport was quarantined and part of it aquired by the military right before things went far south with the zombies. Hamilton is friendly, show the group around, offer them to trade at the local store unit and also provides a pilot and plane in exchange for information about the world as the group travels. The pilot conveniently shows to be Peter Svensson, a local private Aimi happened to grab by the collar as she walked by during one of her shenanigans.

The group assemble, load up an Airbus A300 Beluga with their shit, and start off on their next adventure.

After a quick 16-hour flight, they touch down Houston airport. Aimi, Callum and Flip are set down by parachute to clear the landing strip for the plane, and they manage to do o nicely. As they unload the Airbus, Aimi spots another plane in the sky, which shows to be a Harrier, a type of plane commonly found onboard aircraft carriers. As the group goes on with their shit, a whole set of planes pass by in the sky, showing off some colorful smoke in the colors of the US flag. Nata does a “ping” on the tank radar, and the group continue their ride towards Kireyevski’s Texas safehouse and Tarion, eager to find out more about the potential aircraft carrier.


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